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This site is currently under construction. We are, however, pleased to say that the SMU 102 Digital Copywriting Unit is now open. We've also added Marketing Principles and an Intro to Public Relations. Our Content Marketing Unit is currently in development.

PR is an essential part of integrated communications. It is one of the key tools used in delivering a company, service or organization's message to the press and the media.

There is hearty discussions in the corporate / brand communications sector about PR's role in the integrated marketing mix. Is it a part of marketing? Is it a stand-alone corporate communications activity? We're not going to enter the fray.

At SMU we make this distinction: branding communications, in the form of marketing and advertising, is largely aimed at the public - at consumers, if you please. This is what we call business-to-consumer communications, or B2C. Brand messaging is also aimed at businesses. This is what we call business-to-business communications, or B2B.

PR is squarely aimed at the press (newspapers, magazines, blogs and other print publications) and at the media (television and radio news desks, news agencies like Reuters and other public broadcast media).

Before we began writing our own free course, we took a look around. And we discovered an excellent course from the PR Academy. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we're recommending the PR Academy's course to you.

A few caveats, if you please.

  1. SMU is in no way affiliated with the PR Academy
  2. The PR Academy's learning environment, while excellent, is very different from SMU's learning environment
  3. The PR Academy has a different way of presenting its learning materials. Which is good. We don't want you getting bored.

You'll find the link to this course below.

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Start learning about PR now with the PR Academy's free online (MOOC) course:

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