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This site is currently under construction. We are, however, pleased to say that the SMU 102 Digital Copywriting Unit is now open. We've also added Marketing Principles and an Intro to Public Relations. Our Content Marketing Unit is currently in development.

Marketing is a process used by businesses, services and organizations determine which products to offer, how to price those products, and to whom they should be made available.

The marketing course we're suggesting for you is provided by Saylor. Like the courses provided by SMU, it's 100% free. With Saylor's Marketing Principles course, you will explore various ways in which marketing departments and independent agencies answer these questions – whether through research, analysis, or even trial-and-error.

Once a company identifies its audience and product, marketers must then determine the best way to capture the audience’s attention. The strategy a marketing firm chooses for a particular product or service is vital to the success of the product or service. The idea that "great products sell themselves" is simply not true. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with the art and science of marketing a product.

Before progressing to the remaining SMU integrated marketing courses, we suggest that you take this excellent course. As we've stressed from the beginning, branding and marketing success relies on business strategy. The Marketing Principles course develops this concept and underscores the relationship between business strategy and the marketing process.

A few caveats, if you please.

  1. SMU is in no way affiliated with Saylor
  2. Saylor's learning environment, while excellent, is very different from SMU's learning environment
  3. Saylor has a different way of presenting its learning materials. Which is good. We don't want you getting bored.

You'll find the link to this course below.

Image featuring Saylor's Principles of Marketing course

Start learning the principles of marketing now with Saylor's free online (MOOC) course:

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