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This site is currently under construction. We are, however, pleased to say that the SMU 102 Digital Copywriting Unit is now open. We've also added Marketing Principles and an Intro to Public Relations. Our Content Marketing Unit is currently in development.

Alex di Savoia

I've made a career out of having fun with words. I cut my teeth on professional wordsmithery in the hurly burly world of British fashion PR and fashion brand messaging. A word where conversations about brand campaigns could be as brutal as discussing bad hemlines. I was blessed to be able to finely tune these skills in the equally intense world of British advertising, designing and producing pitch concept presentations for the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, M&C Saatchi and BatesDorland (when it was BatesDorland). The juggernaut of international financial event management companies, Imagination (GIC) Ltd lured me away from high concept advertising. As part of a team developing key brand messages for investment bankers and financial journalists around the globe, Imagination put the final spit and polish on my copywriting.

Then Internet happened. And that was it. It's (then) untapped power to deliver exceptional brand experiences worldwide was just too enticing. And way too much fun. The music industry was the perfect forum to create innovative, meaningful brand messaging campaigns. The Internet was the perfect brand messaging medium - a medium I have thoroughly enjoyed since the late 90s. My crowning achievement? Some would say it was my quick appointment as Aardvark Record's CEO. I say it was creating a global music company brand that became people's mate - a company that spoke openly and honestly, you could have a laugh with...and listened.

I've enjoyed teaching what I know at the UK's specialist, creative industries-focused Falmouth University. It was a privilege to teach students how to not only identify their USP and to convey that effectively and professionally online. It was also a buzz arming students with the most up-to-the-second, practical, integrated  marketing  knowledge - giving them the skills and the knowledge that employers have been screaming out for from university graduates.

Which is what SMU is all about I want you to succeed. So, with a bit of tweaking here and re-formatting there of my previous lectures...I hope you squeeze every ounce of knowledge and run with it.

Brian Sheffey

I know more about the web than any person ought to. Seriously. It's a minor miracle that I still get dinner invites. Mention 'the semantic web' during the soup course and be prepared for your soup to go cold.

Innovation, strategy, words, stories, technology and education are my thing. I love mashing them up. I love pushing the boundaries to see what I can create. I guess that's what made me a successful serial entrepreneur.

Teaching what I know is a pretty cool experience too.

Telling great brand stories makes me a happy puppy. And I love using technology and the digital space to do it.

I consult, train and deliver integrated brand solutions with creative industry & technology start-ups, the public sector and the not-for-profit sector.

And I surf. Big wave surfing is my definition of bliss.

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